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Currently online ordering and pickup is only available for our Chilliwack location

To get notified about when online ordering becomes available in Abbotsford (and to receive exclusive discounts), please sign up for our Cutting Edge Newsletter.

Orders are ready in 2 hours!
Order Time
Pickup Time
Order before 3pm
Pick up same day
Order after 3pm
Pick up next day after 11am
Saturday orders after 3pm
Pick up Monday after 11am

We have 2 ONLINE ORDER parking stalls designated for YOU. Check out the map below to see where they are. 

Once you’ve parked, text this number: 604-702-8824 and let us know you’re outside and waiting! Please describe your vehicle as well, so we know where to go.

Have your email confirmation ready on your phone so we can confirm your order (you can show us through your car window).

And since you’ve already paid, we will just pop your order into your trunk to keep things contact-free.

Fraser Valley Meats takes great pride in our quality line of products, we guarantee your satisfaction.

If you have any concerns or issues with the quality of the products, please email us at explaining clearly the situation and we’ll be happy to resolve the situation.

No – You can order for the amount you want.

If one or some items are missing in your order, please contact us via email address and we’ll gladly help you.

If you are unsatisfied with your order, just email us at explaining clearly the situation and we’ll be happy to resolve it.

To help ensure that all customers have fair access to food products, we have placed quantity limits on certain items.

Until further notice, we are asking people to limit their orders to 1 per day per family (unless you need to add to an existing order, which is done by simply placing a second order).

If you need to add to your existing order, please simply place a second order.  We will bunch orders together so that they can be picked up at the same time.

If you need to remove something from your order, please call us at (604) 858-4828.

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