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More than just your Local Butcher.

Elevate Your Culinary Game
Discover the deep, nutty, and umami flavors of our 5-week dry-aged 63 Acres Premium BC Beef.

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63 Acres Premium BC Beef

Experience the richness and unparalleled flavour of our dry-aged beef. From ribeyes and striploins to tomahawks (upon request), and rib roasts, each cut promises a culinary journey. Our unique 5-week aging process ensures that every bite is a testament to quality and a taste of place.

From Fresh Beef to a Dry-Aged Masterpiece

Deli Delights

Our deli offers a range of cold cuts, cheeses, and more, perfect for sandwiches, charcuterie boards, and snacking. 

Grab-and-go meals like: Helmi’s Broccoli and Cheese stuffed Potatoes, Gourmet garlic fingerling potatoes, Fresh Oven Ready Meat Loaf and so much more…

Farm Fed Chicken

Our chicken, sourced directly from the Fraser Valley, is free-run to ensure optimal flavour. From roasters to our own unique marinated recipes, every piece is a taste of home.

Diverse Pork Selection

Our pork selection ranges from bacon-wrapped tenderloins to our classic in-house made schnitzel. Each cut and marinate promises a burst of flavour with every bite.

Our Own Fraser Valley Meats Products

Experience the unique flavours of artisanal techniques! From our beef jerky and chorizo sausage to our steak bites, it’s quality you can taste in every bite!

Dry Goods and More…

Our 63 Acres Premium BC Beef Tallow and our selection of spices, rubs, and accompaniments are sourced for both quality and flavour. Ensure your culinary adventures are always seasoned to perfection!

Offal Cuts

For the adventurous palate, explore a range of unique cuts from chicken feet, giblets, tripe, beef tongue, beef hearts, pork feet, turkey necks, soup bones, and beef liver.

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