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What helps fundraisers succeed?

If you thought good food, we’re on the same page.

Not only do we offer you quality meat products, but we also supply you with an easy fundraising program.

3 Reasons

Why You Should Fund-Raise With Fraser Valley Meats


Meat is an easy sell 

Meat products are a staple in most meals. There are few things that compare to a tender cut of beef, pork, or chicken. Selling such products is an easy feat – people love them!


A rep from our organization supports you through the entire process

The last thing we want is for you to float adrift, unsure how to plan and execute a fundraiser. We make sure to set you up for success by supplying you with a package that includes:

  1. A brochure
  2. An order form
  3. Selling tips
  4. Coordinator tips


There are NO minimum orders

 Don’t panic and think you have to reach a quota. There are no expectations when it comes to selling!

The 7-Step Fundraising Process

Here's how it works with us:
Step #1
Fill Out The Form
Below is the form to fill out when you’re ready to kickstart your fundraiser. In the message field, let us know if you have any questions not answered on this page.
Step #1
Step #2
Receive The Fundraising Package
Once you’ve submitted our online form, an email containing our fundraising brochure and order form will be sent to you. Print as many copies as you need for your team.
Step #2
Step #3
Event Discussion
This step is optional. If you’re not sure about something, a rep from our store will sit down and discuss everything with you. By the end of the conversation, you’ll know exactly what to do next and what you need!
Step #3
Step #4
Delivery Arrangement
Before you begin selling, you must first arrange a delivery date, time and place with the Fraser Valley Meats rep. We recommend at least 2 weeks notice in order to guarantee the time you want.
Step #4
Step #5
How you sell products is up to you - you can either phone around or walk through the neighbourhood, going door to door.

Each customer places their order on the forms we provide you. The brochure works as an excellent selling guide (we recommend printing multiple copies of the brochure, in case potential buyers wish to go over through it for a day before they decide on what they want).
Step #5
Step #6
Give the filled out order forms to our fundraising rep. They’ll tally the total amount of ordered products onto a master form and give it to the Fraser Valley Meats team.
Step #6
Step #7
The pre-arranged truck will arrive on the date and time you set with us. Then you just need to parcel out the goods! If payment wasn’t made before the delivery, you can pay the truck driver the full amount by cheque.

We also recommend that you confirm everything you ordered arrived with the truck before signing the order invoice
Step #7

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a couple questions that haven’t been answered?
Check below before calling or emailing us:
Our fundraiser products are about 10% more than the prices at our retail stores.

Delivery is free on our normal truck routes (contact us if you don’t know what those routes are). 

You pay for all of the orders in one full payment (that’s why we recommend you collect payment from customers as early as possible).

We accept:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Cheque

If you can’t pay until the day of delivery, you can only pay the driver with cheque.

Our meat products are packaged and wrapped in such a way that they stay cool for as long as possible.

However, try not to have meat out of the fridge/freezer for longer than 30 minutes.

Most organizations that don’t have a large freezer for temporary storage try to have their orders delivered before their kids are picked up from school, soccer practice or any meeting in preparation for an event.

Don’t allow the meat to thaw – ESPECIALLY if the products are ‘individually frozen.’

Try to deliver products to the buyers as quickly as possible.

Once you submit your order form, we will send you an email with an invoice attached.

12 Tips To Boost Your Sales

  • 1
    Set Goals
    Before you even think of selling, write down your goal. Is there a specific amount of money you need to make in order for the fundraiser to be successful? Keep it in mind.
  • 2
    Assign Territories
    Make sure each member of your team has a specific area to work with. You don’t want prospective buyers to get annoyed by multiple people trying to sell to them.
  • 3
    Write A Customer List
    This is especially important if you’re nervous about selling. Jot down some names and numbers of close friends and family you feel comfortable selling to. Treat them as a ‘warm up.’ Then you can move on to others!
  • 4
    Take Advantage Of Word Of Mouth
    The power of word of mouth is awesome. People love to talk, and they love to spread news. Make sure to bring up what you’re doing as much as you can to as many people as you can.
  • 5
    Dress To Instill Confidence
    If you’re selling in person, flaunt your style. Wear clothes that make you look approachable and confident.
  • 6
    Give Customers A Real Smile
    We all know how terrible that ‘customer-service smile’ is. So try not to use it. Take a breath and put out a positive vibe that’s genuine. People flock to it!
  • 7
    Show Customers Our Brochure & Order Forms
    Make sure you give buyers as much information as possible. The more information they receive, the more authority you have. Which means they’ll trust you more and buy from you.
  • 8
    Practice Your Sales Pitch
    Some people are gifted with improvisation. However, it’s always a good idea to go over your sales pitch alone in your room a few times. Get familiar with it, and make sure it isn’t robotic or awkward. Make it flo
  • 9
    Don’t Overdo The Sale
    The power of word of mouth is awesome. People love to talk, and they love to spread news. Make sure to bring up what you’re doing as much as you can to as many people as you can.
  • 10
    Become A Product Expert
    Before you go out into the wide world of selling, study the brochure and order forms. Become one with them. Just kidding - but make sure you know about the products you’re selling. You don’t want to stand there, confused, when potential buyers ask you about certain products.
  • 11
    Immediately Collect Payment
    Chasing after people for money isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. It’s stressful. Avoid that stress by asking people to pay for their products right away. Of course, if they can’t, don’t lose a potential sale by scaring them off with immediate purchase. Set up a good time for payment that works for both of you.
  • 12
    Be Punctual With Promised Delivery
    You already know what day the delivery truck will drop off all of the orders. When someone decides to purchase from you, make sure you deliver their order at the time you tell them. What if you want to do another fundraiser? It’s not good to lose standing with customers.