Maximize your Sales

Here are some helpful tips that may be useful when selling our product:

  1. It is very important to set goals. You need something to strive for, a finish line. Clearly define these goals before you start.
  2. You must WANT to sell. Your sale is as good as you make it. Go out there with a good attitude and sell because you want to, it will come through in your voice.
  3. Make a list of all your friends and family and local businesses who might be interested in supporting you. If you are uneasy about selling, sell at first to close friends and relatives. This will help you gain confidence.
  4. Spread the good news to everyone, word of mouth is one of the biggest advertisements.
  5. When going door to door, show your customer your order form and brochure, people are more inclined to buy if they see others are buying and what they are buying.
  6. Be open and genuine with your customer, also honesty is key. You want a good reputation and it will build customer relations.
  7. Remember buying is not your choice but theirs. Don’t be pushy, but present the facts and let them decide. You rarely sell products after given a “no”. Customers can decide for themselves and often feel there must be a catch to it if you push to hard or it is “too good to be true.”
  8. Practice and rehearse your sales pitch. Don’t repeat it in monotone or robotically but add color and relax when your selling.
  9. Know your product. Take some time to look it over and be able to answer questions and give information without reading off the brochure.
  10. When selling, list your products, then give the brochure to your customer and let them decide.
  11. Always be respectful of your customer and if they say no, say politely, “thank you for your time, and enjoy your day.”
  12. It would be smart to accept payment right away. This saves the trouble of having to hunt after it later.
  13. If you are delivering your product, make sure it is delivered on time. Punctuality is very important.
  14. Stick to an assigned territory that you and your team members have arranged.
  15. If you have a uniform or cap from your team, wear it while selling, dress appropriately and be friendly.
  16. Most of all, enjoy yourself and have fun. When feeling dejected, just think of the enjoyment you will have later on when the money is made and you are finished.

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