Why choose Fraser Valley Meats as your fundraising partner?

And why is our meat so easy to sell?

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Because of the rare quality and freshness that only Fraser Valley Meats can produce, our meat is prized above all. And, we’ve been doing this for 42 years.

Because we specialize not only in quality, but in low prices, it makes selling remarkably easy. We make sure that our fundraisers make an average of 30 percent profit on every item they sell, at end prices that are at retail levels.

After you have made contact with Fraser Valley Meats, a full time FVM Representative will be able to assist you throughout the entire procedure and will be available at anytime to give you the answers and help you need. Fraser Valley Meats takes pride in being readily available and having someone dedicated to going through the fundraising process with you making it easy as well as extremely profitable. Once contact is made, you will be emailed an order form for your team members, a brochure with all the products, and a description of the products and their prices. A master order form will also be available to make a final tally of the combined sales of each team member and submit to the FVM representative.

If there are any questions as to how the fundraising procedure is to be carried out or any other questions regarding this program, feel free to contact us today.

Profit Per Item